About Us

The non-profit association "Itinerari", established by the Archdiocese of Crotone, Santa Severina, Confindustria of Crotone and Confcommercio of Crotone, was created from the desire of the promoters to work in their local context to promote, enhance and develop religious, historical, cultural and nature routes through the creation of an active and responsible network of private and public entities, that sharing the same values, are able to generate development, economy and employment.

The Association is based on strong values shared by the subject founders such as sustainable development and social responsibility, sharing and collaboration, transparency and legality, promotion of innovation and protection of traditions, places and meanings.

The work started in recent months has raised great enthusiasm, reflecting the widespread and deeply felt need to join forces and abilities to achieve important objectives including economic and social redemption.

In March of 2014, “Itinerari” proposed the signing of a network agreement which now has the membership of the City of Crotone and the majority of the municipalities in the province of Crotone, the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone, the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Calabria, the National Park of the Sila, the Protected Marine Area and the Aquarium of Capo Rizzuto, Consortium of Culture & Innovation, the Slow Food - Conduct of Crotone, the Gal Kroton, Coni of industrial Associations of Calabria, Cosenza, Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia, Reggio Calabria and Taranto.